MAVeCap is a VC focused on the incubation of groundbreaking ideas that create blue ocean opportunities. The platform is the differentiating perspective that makes all MAVeCap portfolio companies unique. MAVeCap, founded by Melih Abdulhayoglu and funded by his family office.

Xcitium, formerly known as Comodo Security Solutions, is used by more than 3,000 organizations, customers and partners around the globe. Xcitium was founded with one simple goal – to put an end to cyber breaches. Our patented ZeroDwell Containment technology uses Kernel- level API Virtualization to isolate and remove threats like zero-day malware and ransomware before they cause any damage. ZeroDwell is the cornerstone of Xcitium’s endpoint suite which includes pre-emptive endpoint containment, endpoint detection & response (EDR), managed detection & response (MDR), and extended enterprise-wide detection and response (MXDR).
Since inception, Xcitium has a track record of zero breaches when fully configured.

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NuFinTech invests in multiple different markets, in mutiple asset classes in thousands of different strategies worldwide. We believe nothing is perfect, therefore everything can constantly be improved. So we continually search for that improvement in every investment we do.

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A platform for IT Management, that is providing a single pane of glass for everything IT management, ITarian is fast becoming an indispensable platform for IT admins wherever they may be, either working for an enterprise or offering their services as MSPs...

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Nu Computing Abstraction Layer...(a revolution in the

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World’s very first Global Cloud platform designed to serve web presence with natively built in security and a cloud brokerage platform.

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Makes everything Smart and Connected...Everything... IoT...Home Automation. One platform that works with everything! Customizable, powerful and through innovation cost effective!

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An engineering organization made up of innovators, visionaries and people who love writing code and building tomorrow’s technology. It’s the powerhouse that propels all MAVeCap portfolio companies with a very sophisticated process-driven development organization that delivers!

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A Nationwide MSP with a platform that solves the problem of "matching a customer request with an engineer" as fast as possible as well as arming the engineers with a platform to resolve issues effectively and efficiently.

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Solving the "Human to Computer Data Collection Problem". FormBot is the platform to solve any use case of needing to collect Data from human interaction using computers.

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